Hiring doesn't have to be painful! - 5 Steps to streamline your next hire.

It seems like most people struggle when it comes time to hire a new employee. Here are you a few tips to make your life easier:

  1. Understand why you are hiring. A new hire should be considered a new opportunity; don't waste it! Make sure you spend the time to understand what skills and experience will bring the most value to your efforts.
  2. Create a new Job Description - Now that you know what you want, write it down! The old job description hr created 5 years ago probably does not accurately reflect your new vision. 
  3. Create a plan; and stick to it! - Your plan should include salary expectations, interview schedule (scheduling interview blocks can help simplify scheduling), approval and exception processes, and maybe most importantly....deadlines. This plan should be visible to those in the hiring chain of command.
  4. Have approvals in place - Approvals to hire should be in place before you begin to interview. You risk losing great talent if the process becomes delayed after the interview and before an offer.
  5. Work with great partners - It is important to have trusted partners like 10Roof that can help you recruit and retain the top technology talent in the market place.