10Roof provides a full range of service offerings

Technology staff augmentation

We all know the value of having the right people at the right time. 10Roof allows you seamlessly integrate market leading technologists into your environment in an on-demand basis. 10Roof provides access to top technologists across many skill domains on a short or long-term contract basis. We also provide the added flexibility of allowing for the full time conversion of many of our associates at the completion of the contract.

Direct hire Recruiting Services

Providing the highest level of recruiting support in the industry. 10Roof's deep network and commitment to excellence provides the competitive advantage needed when trying to hire top technology talent. We know the importance of recruiting A players and that is what we do best. For over 15 years we have been helping companies recruit, acquire, and retain the most talented technology professionals in the industry.

Subject Matter Expertise

We maintain a very broad and deep network of subject matter experts across a broad range of skill domains. From Front-end to Back-end Development, Application or Systems Architecture, Business Intelligence, Big Data Technologies, DevOps, Infrastructure, Security, and Technology Operations, we have you covered. So if you need help with technology or tool evaluation, road-mapping, project scoping, across a broad range of skill domains, 10Roof is the resource partner of choice.

Statement of work

When the project requires a flexible solution that combines subject matter expertise, with seamless deployment of on-demand technology resources, and effective project oversight; 10Roof has the experience needed to effectively manage strategic SOW engagements. Explore flexible and custom solutions that allow you to maintain control. Our SOW service offerings are the most cost effective and flexible solutions in the industry.

Team Building and deployment

Building a team is not easy. Doing so under time constraints and tight budgets is even more challenging.  10Roof provides the expertise you need to effectively and efficiently build technology teams across a brad range of challenging skill domains. Whether you are building a team of 5 or 50; 10Roof provides the proven expertise to save you the most time and money. 

Software Development services

Our partnership with the Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild allows us to provide creative, collaborative solutions for development shops looking for real performance improvements. We provide standard apprenticeships for those with basic to advance skills; intense mentoring programs to take development teams to the next level; and development shop tune-ups to help overcome release reluctance, project instability, and slowed development. Our solutions will help improve your ability to plan, adapt, and deliver.

MOBILE and web application development

Our partnership with Mobile DI gives our customers access to creative and cost effective solutions for full life cycle mobile and web application development. Mobile DI offers fast track design, prototyping, and development of advanced mobile applications as well as innovative solutions for the development and seamless deployment of SaaS and web based applications.