Tips for a successful interview

  1. Transparency - Honesty is the best policy…always. Don’t exaggerate your capabilities, but understand and be able to articulate your value.
  2. Be positive about your future as well as your past. There is no need to dwell past bad experiences. If the glass was half full in your last role, discuss how you worked to fill it up.
  3. Be friendly and polite. People hire people they like.
  4. Prepare - Have a game plan and follow it. Research the company, role, shared contacts, and common experiences. Also be prepared for the standard interview questions. “Describe how you handle conflict”, etc...and certainly be prepared to speak to the experiences on your resume!
  5. Be confident, not cocky. - Many have failed trying to strike this balance.
  6. Make a good first impression. You are likely to have one shot at the job.