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HTML5 Denver User Group - "Angular 2 Kickstart" and "Angular 2 Observables"

  • Rally Software 1550 Wynkoop Street Denver, CO, 80202 United States (map)

6 pm : "Angular 2 Kickstart" by Geoff Filippi

Angular 2 is now in Release Candidate stage. We will use the new Angular CLI project to generate a new Angular 2 application. Next, we will take a quick tour through the scaffolded application structure. We will discuss how Angular 2 is bootstrapped and how modules are loaded. We will also show how to use the Angular CLI tool to generate a component and build our application. 

7 pm : Dinner and Networking

7:30 : "Angular 2 Observables" by Geoff Filippi

"Angular 2 Observables" by Geoff Filippi

Reactive Programming techniques are used to write the Angular 2 framework. The same APIs and techniques are exposed to Angular 2 developers for application development.

This talk will start with a brief overview of Reactive Programming. We will define and discuss the Observer Design Pattern. Observables are implemented in RxJS and are under consideration for standardization in ES2016. We will compare Observables, Promises, Events and callbacks. We will also discuss how Promises, Events and callbacks can be bridged into Observables.

Finally we will discuss how RxJS is used to implement Angular 2. We will explore how Observables are used in change detection and ngZone, Http, Async Facade and Forms. We will also discuss how to make use of RxJS and Observables in our Angular 2 applications. 



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Angular 2 Observables